Happy Holidays!

Hey guys. I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving. Today, since it’s the holiday season, I want to talk about one of my favorite holidays. That holiday is Christmas.

Christmas was, is, and always has been one of my favorite holidays. As a kid, I was looking forward to it not only because I was home from school (Typical, right?) but because I was looking forward to the Christmas presents and the food. (Again, typical, right?)

As I got older, I focused less on the presents and I focused more on spending time with my family because who knows how long you have them? I began to appreciate the people I love, friends and family, you name it. I also look forward to listening all of the Christmas songs and watch all of the Christmas movies all month long. As you guessed it form the image above, one of my favorite Christmas movies is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” I have other favorite Christmas movies such as “The Polar Express,” “Home Alone (The first 2)”, “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” etc.

Comment down below what your favorite holiday is. Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays, everyone! Here’s to 2020!

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