My Review of 2019

Hey guys. Hope everyone is doing well. As 2019 is coming to an end, I’ve decided to look back on 2019.

I think this year for me has been one of the roughest years I have ever experienced. The reason why I say that is because it has been non-stop problems after problems. For example, at the beginning of the year when I was signing up for classes for the Spring 2019 semester, financial aid was giving me a hard time because the form was not completed correctly. So, instead of taking full-time classes, I had to go part-time and I had to sign up for a payment plan. If it wasn’t for my parents, then I wouldn’t have been able to even go to school in the Spring semester.

Another issue is this semester has been the roughest semesters I have ever experienced because I was taking a lot of classes and two of them have been difficult. On top of that, I had to wake up early and deal with the rush-hour traffic each morning. Mondays and Wednesdays were the worst because I was in school from 8am to 7pm. I also started having more panic attacks because I was so stressed out and my depression was getting worse. I started missing classes because I was having those feelings and I didn’t want anyone to see me having those feelings.

On the bright side of things, outside of school, my time with my friends has gotten stronger. One of my friends (I’m not going to say who it is) is one of the sweetest person I have ever met. He is very supportive and he never judges me or anyone else. He is the first person that I told about my depression and anxiety and he doesn’t treat me any differently. He’s very funny, he’s a positive person and I admire that so much because that inspires me to become a positive person. He reminds me of me a little bit because we have similar personalities.

On the subject of depression and anxiety, I started to become more open about my struggle with it. I feel like this website and taking CT101 has helped out a lot because ever since I opened up, I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Even though I’m still struggling, I feel like every day will get better if I keep fighting.

Another bright side of things is after this semester, then I only have one more semester to accomplish. I’m finished with my major this semester (It’s Math by the way), so I just need to take some electives and hopefully if everything goes well, I should graduate by May 2020.

That’s my review of 2019. It wasn’t good for me, but it wasn’t bad either. Hopefully, 2020 will be a better year for me. What did you think of 2019? Comment down below your review of 2019. Hope everyone had a good year. If you didn’t, then hopefully next year will be better for you. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time for another blog post!

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